Provide an arsenal of –sensible -nonpartisan -conservative policy recommendations on national security and defense issues to government officials in the executive and legislative branches, candidates for office, and their staff who are on the front line in today’s political battles for Ukraine’s future as a sovereign, independent, and democratic country with its territorial integrity restored and respected; a future grounded in a new social compact of individual liberty at the core of a democratic society and free market economy.

Cover issues from across the foreign and domestic policy spectrum that impact national security and defense and provides actionable regulatory and legislative recommendations that are practical and realizable.

Operate in cooperation with leading think tanks, civic authorities and others, in addressing the most pressing national security issues of Ukraine by means of:

  • focusing the attention of the relevant government agencies of Ukraine, elected officials, and the expert community on critical issues affecting Ukraine’s national security;
  • fostering cooperation among Ukrainian government and private sector experts in the field of national security in the preparation of relevant analytical and regulatory documents and procedures for their adoption and implementation;
  • raising awareness about national security issues and engaging the citizenry and civic organizations in the Ukrainian Strategic Initiative;
  • deepening cooperation with governments, political organizations, business sectors and analytic centers of the leading partner countries of Ukraine in identifying and realizing shared national security interests;
  • leveraging the experience, resources and national interests of partner countries of Ukraine in the process of reforming Ukraine, including the security sector;
  • convening national, bilateral and multilateral conferences, roundtables and other fore with political and analytical circles of partner countries in addressing national security in the political, military-political, military, intelligence, economic and energy spheres;
  • assisting analogous foreign analytic centers in policy formulation, in the context of national interests of both Ukraine and allied countries, by sharing data, analysis, and approaches developed by the USI;
  • disseminating among relevant governmental and NGO sectors in Ukraine and, in cooperation with international partners, in allied countries, USI produced studies, reports, and papers, as well as findings of collaborative research projects developed with international partners;
  • engaging USI experts by international partners for the development of strategies and other studies on issues of specific interest.